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Tawazon is focused on sales and distribution of specialty chemicals for last three decades. Be it Coatings, Construction, Plastics, Packaging, Fiberglass, Food, Inks or Rubber, Tawazon’s industry expertise helps you drive your business to sustainable growth.

Representing major global producers across the segments it operates in, Tawazon’s sales team offers their partners with optimized and tailored solutions for all their sourcing requirements.










Tawazon Chemical Company is a leading provider of high-performance raw materials for the coatings industry. For the last three decades, Tawazon has catered to the needs of clients across a wide array of markets, with varied climatic conditions. Tawazon takes pride in meeting the increasing demands of the coatings and construction industries across the geographies it operates in, spread across the Middle East, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and the Far East in addition to North America. The key focus is on building relationships with customers, by both Pre and Post-sale service. The products offered to the Coatings industry are categorized as under.

Construction Chemicals

Tawazon Chemical Company has been serving the construction industry for the last decade and a half. Tawazon has carefully added an assortment of resins, additives, pigments and allied products for the construction industry into their portfolio. Be it bitumen coatings, acrylic coatings, Dry mix, Cement slurries or Waterproofing coatings, Tawazon has products to meet all your requirements, for the construction industry. Construction chemicals are stocked at all their stock points spread across the region. The offerings to the construction industry are categorized as under.


Ink Raw materials are a key focus area under Tawazon’s portfolio. A wide range of raw materials are used in ink formulations including resins, polymers, plasticizers, dyes and pre-micronized pigments. Tawazon’s forte is primarily pigments, extenders and additives for the inks industry. Tawazon provides ink manufacturers with specialty and standard ink resins, wax emulsions for sheet fed, offset, flexographic, gravure, lithographic, and inkjet printing. Whether you’re looking for performance offset resins, water- or solvent-based systems, additives or wax compounds, you’re sure to find the raw materials for the formulation, you need to succeed in the ink and printing markets, in Tawazon’s portfolio.

Plastics Raw Material

Tawazon’s plastics division is involved in supplying a broad array of a qualitative range of plastic raw materials for the last two and half decades. Tawazon trades in master batch, PVC stabilizers, PVC additives, PET pigment preparations etc., in addition to a wide gamut of raw materials categorized as below. Tawazon has become a leading Polymer supplier with a highly qualified and experienced chemical engineering team, having more than three decades of collective experience in the industry.


The packaging division of Tawazon has grown to become a single-window source for a whole range of raw materials for packaging convertors. With long-term association with quality suppliers for PET films BOPP films, CPP films, Nylon films, PVC shrinks, holograms etc, Tawazon supplies its customers with all their key raw material requirements for packaging. With warehousing facilities in UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, the US, Kenya and Indonesia, Tawazon is able to do speedy deliveries from their stock points globally. Tawazon offers the following category of products to the Packaging industry.


Tawazon’s fiberglass division has been in business along with the coatings division for the last three decades. Glass fiber is an inorganic non-metallic material with superior performance. Its major application includes electrical insulating, industrial filter, anti-corrosive, barrier, thermal insulation, acoustic, and vibration-absorptive materials. In addition, glass fiber can be used for reinforcing materials, which are used to reinforce plastics, rubber, and gypsum, cement products, etc. The offerings for the Fiberglass industry are categorized as below.


Tawazon’s footprint in the rubber industry has been there for almost a decade now. Rubber Chemicals help in enhancing the strength, durability and elasticity of the rubber. They are basically used by manufacturers who convert Natural/Synthetic Rubber into finished products such as Tyres, and non-Tyre industries like Hoses, Footwear, and Moulded Components for vehicles, Industrial Belts, Gloves, etc. Rubber chemicals include product segments like anti-degradants, flame retardants, accelerators, processing aid/promoters etc. The raw materials which Tawazon caters to for the rubber industry include the following.

Food Additives or Flavour Enhancers

This has been a recent addition to Tawazon’s portfolio of industry-focused raw materials. Tawazon specializes in supplying ingredients, raw materials and chemicals including stabilizers, preservatives additives and colorants, and flavor-enhancing chemicals that comply with the strictest international standards. The diverse raw materials in the product range improve flavor, texture and quality, and help in a sustainable manner to bring nutritious, safe and healthy food to the market. Tawazon’s portfolio for food includes.

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